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cBizOneIndia's Database can be deployed in a number of ways. Multiple deployment models allow us to tailor the cBizOneIndia solution to your exact needs, whether you are a small virtual staffing firm, multiple users in a single office or a company with multiple offices across the country or the globe. Our deployment models were designed to provide you with the fastest recruiting software in the industry, regardless of your size.

cBizOneIndia application need to be installed on each user's computer and cBizOneIndia's database can be SQL Server.

SQL Server - Local: Setup the database on a computer or a server in your LAN. This model is suggested for:

  • Multiple Local Users, Single Office

  • Multiple Remote Users, Virtual Office

SQL Server - Replicated: Replication allows users in different locations to use a local database in the LAN and automatically transmit all changes over the internet to all other locations. cBizOneIndia is the only recruiting application designed for replicated databases. We have two and three person staffing firms as well as global companies using replication to maximize their performance. This model is suggested for:

  • Multiple Local Users, Multiple Offices

  • Multiple Users who need access to the database even when are off-line

  • Remote Users with a very slow internet connection