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With the increasingly tight and competitive recruiting industry seeing many companies fail in the last few years, a meaningful return on your recruiting software investment is now more important than ever.

Staffing firms in all industries (IT, Medical, Healthcare, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, etc.) have to balance the need to automate their businesses with the costs involved. Often they are left with a choice between affordability and functionality. cBizOneIndia was designed to deliver both. cBizOneIndia automates your business processes and workflow creating new efficiencies and increasing productivity. Save time, and free yourself up to fill the positions you have and more importantly, find the positions you need.

Today's staffing companies faces many challenges. Staffing firms are fighting for every requirement they can get and you want to be able to quickly and efficiently match qualified candidates to those hard won jobs. You want to quickly and easily search your existing database for matches and then contact those candidates in an intelligent way that will prompt a response. We have created an email branding capability that allows you to send XML/XSL stylized emails that will stand out from the competition and candidates will remember you and your company the next time you call.

Our patent pending live search bar is the only search tool in the industry that allows you to search any combination of database fields you choose with just a few keystrokes and immediately see the results in real-time. Don't wait for a search to run and display results in another window, see and manage your results now.

Helping people work smarter, be more productive and increase revenues

  • cBizOneIndia is completely customizable to meet your business needs so you don't need to spend time and money reengineering your business processes. It also integrates with your back office applications or customer's systems.
  • Through our integration of core processes, you are able to create new efficiencies and increase your productivity. The result is reduced costs, increased revenues and a time saving of hours per week.
  • Current user study/research has shown a productivity increase of 50% - 200%.

Automating core business processes

  • Integrate every core function of the recruiting and staffing process like Company Management, Client Management, Candidate and Resume Management, Job Management, Calendar Management, Email Management and Web Posting and Searching. This integration allows you to work effortlessly from one application without having to navigate between numerous applications and even more screens.
  • We have automated every step of the recruiting process from getting a job order to making a placement, whether you are a Recruiter, Account Manager or are in charge of the office. cBizOneIndia will track all of your activities, whether it is an Email, Phone Call, Interview, Capturing Feedback, Sales Calls, Meetings, Making Offers, etc.
  • Extensive Permissions module with over 60 settings per user allows you to control the flow of information and ensure the security of your data.

Capturing and disseminating information in a thorough and timely manner

  • Automatically import resumes and extract all key information
  • Existing data can be imported from or exported to MS Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT, Goldmine, Maximizer, Netscape, Excel or flat text file using the import wizard
  • First and only recruiting software with Data Mining Cross Tabs (XTabs). XTabs retrieve and display all relevant inter-relational data from multiple sources and activities with one click
  • Use Detailed Notes and Quick Notes to accurately capture and store information
  • Seamless Email integration with Outlook unrivaled in our industry
  • Search all files, emails, resumes and notes and view your 'highlighted' results to quickly determine if your search returned relevant information
  • Extensive Reporting in Hard Copy, PDF and HTML form to organize and evaluate you and your company's effort and productivity