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Offering dependable recruiting software for the last 10 years.

In the last 10 years after talking to thousands of recruiting companies across the world. We now have one of the most comprehensive recruiting software solutions that are available in the market. Our solution combines all aspects of recruiting business i.e. marketing, sales, recruiting and sourcing into one. Our solution is designed to be used by both sales and recruiting a team which in turn helps saves more time.

cBizOneIndia comes with 65 free reports and a pre-designed web 2.0 dashboard. Our product is Fast, Reliable, User-friendly and more importantly secure.

 Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Company Management, Client Management, Candidate and Resume Management, Executive recruitment management, Job Management, Calendar Management, Email Management, resume tracking software, staffing recruiting software, recruitment agency software and Web Posting and Searching
  • SourceFirst Internet Candidate Sourcing Tool - Search hundreds of sites for qualified candidates
  • Resume Extraction for instant resume entry and Candidate file creation
  • Import resumes directly into Candidates from incoming Emails or from any folders on your PC or network
  • Batch Import of Resumes
  • GrabIT clipboard allows you to import resumes and contact data from any source
  • Integrated with Social Networks (LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Spoke, ZoomInfo, Twitter, flickr)
  • Industry-first and only integration of XTabs (Data Mining Cross Tabs)
  • Extensive Reporting in Hard copy, PDF and HTML form
  • One button copy to MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Patent-pending Live Search allows you to find anyone in the database with a few keystrokes
  • Use Live Search in a single field or search in any combination of fields you choose
  • Search resumes and all supporting documents and view results highlighted in those documents
  • Extensive Permissions with over 60 settings per user
  • Entire application is fully customizable to fit your business processes or Model
  • Customize your own Database fields to fit your business model
  • Customize Win Forms (Data entry window)
  • Saved Sets / Tear Sheets to create static groupings of data
  • XML/XSL Style sheet emails make your message stand out from the crowd
  • Create multiple email Accounts/Identities
  • Splits and marketing campaign creation and management
  • Use auto-save Quick Notes to capture valuable information in real-time
  • Extensive scheduling (calendar) functions
  • Recurring appointments
  • Integrated calendar with popup alarms to schedule calls, meetings, Interviews, tasks, events ...
  • Use Intelligent notes to accurately capture and store information
  • Attach important documents to all Entities (Companies, Clients, etc.)
  • Automatically cross-link all the Activities/Emailing. Very powerful, hard to explain in one line.
  • Instant information of a Client or Candidate without creating/executing any reports
  • Create complete custom views of your data or choose from our set of default Views
  • Manage both permanent and contract placements with the same system
  • Auto Dialer allows you to quickly and easily dial any phone number in the database hands free
  • Create and manage an interview pipeline that fits your needs
  • Write private notes for each incoming email
  • Searching in the Email Attachments
  • Searching and Highlighting in the Email body and attached documents
  • Your database resides on your computers and can be password protected for security.
  • Stand-alone or Multi-user flexibility in a networked environment
  • Create web forms to capture Candidates from your web site
  • Import/Export wizard to quickly and easily enter and extract data from cBizOne
  • Sync with Outlook, Palm, Pocket PC
  • Post your Candidates and Jobs to Web sites with a few clicks and have them available to tens of thousands of Recruiters and Vendors
  • Pre-configured for either North America or Europe
  • Same day email and phone support usually within 2 hours of support request