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Our range of products and services, which covers a spectrum from transactional to transformational solutions and our Process, is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate your needs and ensure your success. It gives us the ability to serve you effectively and efficiently.

Staffing Recruiting Software
Resume Tracking Software
As a leading provider of recruitment software, cBizSoftIndia has the industry knowledge,
technical expertise and foresight in helping you to manage your business effectively.
  • Import resumes from incoming emails in a click
    Grab contact information from email signatures
  • Our Web 2.0 Dashboard provides real time data regarding your sales pipeline by individual, group or company-wide.
  • Built-in parsing engine will extract key data from resumes, eliminating data entry
    Use “Import Resumes” feature and import all existing resumes from hard disk into cBizOne database .
  • Search for keywords using Boolean or regular search inside resumes.( “Advanced Find” feature will search tens-of-thousands of records in seconds)
  • Easily organize clients and candidates
    Record mails, appointments and calls
    Easily access data between different department
  • Assign potential candidates to requirements
    Track submitted candidates to requirements .
  • Candidates Fetch allows you to search and link qualified candidates directly to a job from portals like Monster and Naukri.
  • Allows you to import data from Outlook, Express and Excel.
  • Easily send promotional emails/requirement details to target audience in few clicks.
  • Reach candidates ahead of your competition through SMS feature. For ex, Search for Java candidates in Hyderabad area and send them an SMS in 2 clicks .
  • Security/Permissions Your database is 100% secure. Using permissions you can restrict users .
  • Our reports are completely customizable to customer needs. Based on our experience in the recruiting industry we designed and integrated 65 reports .
  • Easily customization to fit your business needs.
    Easily create new fields which can be used not only to save data but also search.
  • “Database Design” allows users to create desired new fields with no limitations Place or re-arrange fields using “Form Designer” to users need Remove unneeded fields resumes, eliminating data entry
  • cBizOne's Alerts setup is very similar to Outlook's Rules and Alerts setup. It is menu driven and easy to setup. .