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With increasing competition, human resources recruiting companies need a simple effective and secure system to manage their business. cBizOneIndia provides an effective recruiting software solution which helps companies to reduce the turnaround time and a simple way to keep track of requirements, candidates and clients.

As the same requirement is received by hundreds of other recruiting companies. It is companies who automate and find ways to reach candidates faster than their competitors could eventually make the placement. Along with a quick turnaround time it is also important to submit resumes with relevance and accuracy. Besides applicant tracking system, HR software and staffing Management software features. cBizOneIndia also offers strong CRM functionality which helps to maintain relationship with candidates and clients. We help both recruiting and sales teams to use one common system.

Please schedule an online demo with one of our product experts. We will understand your business and show you how cBizOneIndia could effectively help you fill more placements.

Staffing Recruiting Software
Resume Tracking Software

As a leading provider of recruitment software, cBizSoftIndia has the industry knowledge,
technical expertise and foresight in helping you to manage your business effectively.
  • Import resumes from incoming emails in a click
    Grab contact information from email signatures
  • Our Web 2.0 Dashboard provides real time data regarding your sales pipeline by individual, group or company-wide.
  • Built-in parsing engine will extract key data from resumes, eliminating data entry
    Use Import Resumes feature and import all existing resumes from hard disk into cBizOneIndia database .
  • Search for keywords using Boolean or regular search inside resumes.( Advanced Find feature will search tens-of-thousands of records in seconds)
  • Easily organize clients and candidates
    Record mails, appointments and calls
    Easily access data between different department
  • Assign potential candidates to requirements
    Track submitted candidates to requirements .
  • Source First searches for resumes across hundreds of sites, including paid job boards, major search engines, free boards, niche boards, associations, colleges and social networks.
  • Allows you to import data from Outlook, Express and Excel.
  • Easily send promotional emails/requirement details to target audience in few clicks.

Staffing Management SoftwareGain Perspective into Your Business

As an owner you place high importance on running efficiently and providing exceptional service to your clients. By integrating cBizOneIndia into your recruiting business.

Staff Recruiting Software Automate and Integrate

Managing hundreds, sometimes thousands of incoming resumes can be a full-time job in and of itself. Thankfully cBizOneIndia provides advanced candidate management solutions including an industry leading Outlook integration and automated workflow to eliminate non-revenue producing activities.

Applicant DatabaseBuild your Pipeline

Building and maintaining a sales pipeline is the lifeblood of any recruiting organization. For this, cBizOneIndia has included reports and tools geared towards maximizing how salespeople target prospect clients, stay connected and manage their activities.

Recruitment Tool Find Top Talent

Keeping qualified, "fresh" talent in the database is a key component in the recruiting process. cBizOneIndia has developed a researchers dream by combining top job board integrations and social network compatibility and delivering tools that enable researchers to produce solid results.

"I and my company have been using cBizOneIndia since the last 6 months. I must say it's been serving us as a wonderful recruitment tool

- Shelly Mangat, Recruitment Executive

We switched to cBizOneIndia. Our Database got managed. Productivity Increased. Response time decreased. Organizational History maintained

- Neeraj Chhokar, Managing Director