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Why choose cBizOneIndia?

Software For Recruiting

Based on thousands of implementations worldwide, we at cBizSoftIndia, Inc understand recruiting business thoroughly. Unlike other products, our software not only helps improve productivity of recruiters, it also helps improve productivity of your sales team. Our product design is based on popular Microsoft products like Outlook and Excel, which helps to reduce the learning curve. We guarantee a minimum of 30% overall increase in productivity within the first 3 months of implementation. This increase in productivity should increase the number of closures.


With cBizOne Dashboard it becomes easy for managers to evaluate performance of the team. Team members can be easily set targets and can be easily evaluated against peers. Our summary count report will help increase a healthy competition among team members. 

Scalable & Secure:

As your business grows, our application can be scaled to hundreds of users. With flexible permissions companies most valuable property i.e. your database is 100% secure. We have single user customers to large companies with 300 plus users.

Customization made simpler & easier:

Unlike other products, cBizOne can be completely customized by the end user. Other than IT, HealthCare, currently our product is also used in diversified industries like Engineering, Modeling, Real Estate, Retail etc.

Finally our promise to you:

We will be a reliable partner on whom you can trust your business. Trust in us and take the first step i.e. to go through a demo. Whatever it takes we make your implementation our highest priority and make it a grand success. We are in the business for the last 10 years that speaks a lot for itself.

With our experience in handling thousands of customers worldwide, our engineers are well trained not only on product but they also have excellent understanding and expertise on recruiting processes.